Color Me Mine


Today, me and my daughter went to Color Me Mine. If you’re not familiar with them, they are a pottery painting place. You go, pick a piece of plain pottery, paint it with color glazes to your liking, and then they fire it for you.
I picked a chopstick bowl to paint. I’m not going to use it for eating, though! I’m going to be using it as a yarn bowl! It will take about a week for me to get it back. I’ll be impatiently waiting for it. ūüėÄ
Needless to say, we had a wonderful time, just Mom/Daughter time! [read more]

15 knitting problems most knitters have!

Craftsy blog posted this post on the 15 most common knitting problems. I concur with them! Most of them are frustrating!

1. Running out of yarn just before finishing a project! To get around this, I’ve always tried to over estimated yarn (my husband hates that I have a box of scrap yarn!).  Sometimes, depending on the project, I buy a full skein of excess yarn. That way I know I won’t run out. It has saved my bacon 3 times I know of in the past.   [read more]

Circo Cowl Completed!


Here is a close shot of the finished Cowl. It is currently being blocked to make it look pretty :).

Oh and if you wanted to make sure that it is for certain a mobius cowl:

there is the twist for you! I’m blocking it on two rolled up towels to stretch it out because you can’t really pin it on a blocking board very easily.¬† It was the suggestion of Laura Nelkin, the pattern designer. [read more]

How to dye long gradient yarn at home!

I love Laura Nelkin! I’ve knit many, MANY of her designs. ¬†I’ve been a member of her¬†M-Club¬†for 2 years now. (Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to join her this coming year and that makes me sad ūüôĀ )

But she just put a tutorial together on how to do Long Gradient yarn dyeing¬†at home on her blog and I just wanted to share with everyone one. ¬†I’m going to attempt to do one of these when I’m feeling better (I absolutely hate getting bronchitis! It knocks me on my butt for several weeks!) [read more]