DIY Specialty Stitch Markers

I made the above stitch markers to help me keep track of individual stitches as I knit. I find them really helpful, especially in patterns when the stitches are really small. They are real helpful when designing your own pattern!
They aren’t hard to make, nor are they terribly expensive. All you need are shrinking plastic, permanent markers in several colors, a single hole punch, scissors, Locking stitch markers, and a shape to trace that is about two inches by two inches (I used a salt shaker which has an octagon for the bottom). [read more]

How to thread  a lifeline 

So, yesterday, I talked about what a lifeline was and why it was important. I failed to mention how to insert a lifeline.

You’re thinking there is only one way to put in a lifeline, right? Thread a needle with some contrasting color yarn (I use lace weight yarn! You can use dental floss, embroidery thread, etc, what ever you have at hand!) and carefully weave it into all the live stitches (missing ALL of your stitch markers, don’t forget!). You can certainly do it that way, the hard way, but some interchangeable needle companies have come up with cheats. [read more]

Once and Future King Mystery Knit along

One of my favorite knitting activities are MKALs or Mystery Knit alongs. I’m currently in one by The Unique Sheep called “Once and Future King” which started on July 17. The way a Mystery Knit along works is you get the pattern piecemeal, usually bits of it a week apart, giving you time to work on the bit you were given.  I’m a little behind on this MKAL, as I’m still working on the first clue, and the second clue was released on the 24th. Once I get the clue done, I’ll post a picture of the completed clue. [read more]