About me

I’m a life-long crafter. I grew up with a crafty mom, who sews, manipulates polymer clay, crochets, and a million other little things.  I taught myself to knit a little more than eight years ago, just before my youngest child was born, so I could knit diaper covers for him.  I wanted to cloth diaper him, but we couldn’t afford to buy the covers at $50 a pop.  Now that he’s out of diapers,  I knit to unwind and relax, and am currently attempting to design my own patterns (cross your fingers for me!).  I still can’t crochet very good, but I’m attempting to teach myself that skill as well. My mom’s left handed so I can’t learn it from her!

I’m a mother of three, two of which are homeschooled, which is why I need something to help me unwind and relax!  I also have two cats who love to sit with me while I knit.  I also have an understanding husband who is very tolerant of my hobby.


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