I’m currently designing a crocheted shawl for my daughter.  Its made up of hexagons, squares, and triangles, and I’m trying to figure out what to call it. Heicseagán is hexagon in Irish Gaelic.

I’ve currently gotten all the hexagons, squares and triangles crocheted. I’m working on burying the ends, which is quite a task as there are color changes every row! Then I need to figure out how I am going to sew it together.  I’m leaning on using a crochet stitch to stitch it together. [read more]

Color Me Mine


Today, me and my daughter went to Color Me Mine. If you’re not familiar with them, they are a pottery painting place. You go, pick a piece of plain pottery, paint it with color glazes to your liking, and then they fire it for you.
I picked a chopstick bowl to paint. I’m not going to use it for eating, though! I’m going to be using it as a yarn bowl! It will take about a week for me to get it back. I’ll be impatiently waiting for it. 😀
Needless to say, we had a wonderful time, just Mom/Daughter time! [read more]

15 knitting problems most knitters have!

Craftsy blog posted this post on the 15 most common knitting problems. I concur with them! Most of them are frustrating!

1. Running out of yarn just before finishing a project! To get around this, I’ve always tried to over estimated yarn (my husband hates that I have a box of scrap yarn!).  Sometimes, depending on the project, I buy a full skein of excess yarn. That way I know I won’t run out. It has saved my bacon 3 times I know of in the past.   [read more]

Circo Cowl Completed!


Here is a close shot of the finished Cowl. It is currently being blocked to make it look pretty :).

Oh and if you wanted to make sure that it is for certain a mobius cowl:

there is the twist for you! I’m blocking it on two rolled up towels to stretch it out because you can’t really pin it on a blocking board very easily.  It was the suggestion of Laura Nelkin, the pattern designer. [read more]